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The Legend

You may know the legend of Romulus and Remus founding Rome in 750 BC. However, less is known about their sister, Romita.

As Romulus and Remus gained control of Rome they discovered they had a sister and invited her into their new city. Her popularity with the people soon began to rise and before too long started to overshadow theirs. Jealous of her influence they accused her of having a licentious relationship with a Sabine Priest and cast her out. With nowhere to find shelter and all other cities gates closed to her she headed east making an arduous journey across the Appenine Mountains until she finally arrived exhausted and dying of thirst in the region that is now know as Le Marche. It was here that she stumbled on a spring fountain where she refreshed herself.

As the fame of Romulus and Remus rose in Latina so too did Romita’s in Le Marche. She rebuilt the settlement of Jesi on the banks of the Esino River, driving out the pestilence that was ravaging the region by diverting its waters to provide clean drinking water and improved sanitation. Before too long she was looked on as a deity. She was worshipped by the local population as the Goddess of Spring Water harking back to where she once refreshed herself, the location of which is said to be right here in Contrada Romita.

The naming of the road Contrada Romita where our property is situated is obvious but more importantly is the naming of Fonte Del Coppo, a road that joins Contrada Romita, roughly translating as covered fountain. There is indeed a large spring here in Fonte Del Coppo, and it is thought that once upon a time this was indeed a covered fountain, the very place where Romita refreshed herself. There is nothing left of the structure today and the spring is fenced off to the public.

Everyone knows of the legend of Romulus and Remus being raised by wolves, but little is known of the legend of Romita, raised by badgers. To this day the symbol of the badger is synonymous with the goddess Romita.

Of course, this is all nonsense, we just made it up for a bit of fun.


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